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Be The Light

We are more than this.  We are more than body and mind, we are also light.  So obsessed with doing and doing that we become strangers to BEING. Only in the quiet do we find our way back to the SELF.  Even then, we are in contempt with being.  Being quiet, being still, being happy, being human, BEING yourSELF.

How do you conquer your beingness 🤔? By remembering unconditional love 💙.  I say remember because this is something your being already knows about itself💡.  It doesn't need to understand...it already IS 💯. When I say it, I mean YOU👈🏾.  You, the essence that is both the observer and creator of your life situation.  You originated from the highest form of love there is...Divine Love ♾. Divine love is absolutely unconditional! Align with the true self and BE who and what you are beyond the form...beyond the identity.  Be the light. Be unconditional love.


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